Do-It-Yourself Rainwater Harvesting System…

Rain Barrels are an excellent way to harvest rainwater for beginners.  These easy to make water collectors are less expensive alternatives to large rainwater harvesting systems, and are great in meeting small outdoor water demands. 

Steps to building your own rain barrel:  

Materials Needed

Large plastic garbage can or barrel with a tight lid

Screen (the finer the better)

PVC glue

1 metal washer; 1 plastic washer

Water faucet


1. Cut a hole approximately 12” in diameter in the lid and another small hole close to the bottom of the garbage can/barrel that is just big enough to tightly fit the faucet into.

2. Attach the screen over the hole in the lid with the PVC glue.  

3. Insert the faucet into the hole at the base of the barrel.  Place the rubber washer over the faucet fromthe inside of the barrel.

4. Slide a metal washer directly behind the rubber washer and tighten.

5. Finally position your rain barrel under a downspout from the roof and attach a hose to the faucet.