Plants and Food in a Changing Climate

Date and Time
August 15, 2020

Houston Permitting Center 1002 Washington Ave. 7002


CLASS SERIES: SAT. 8/1 AND 8/15 10:00AM - 11:30AM

ZOOM LIVE CLASSES - Complimentary - Reserve your ticket here.

** Plan to attend both classes to get the most out of the presentations.

CLASS 2: Sat. 8/15: Plants and Food in a Changing Climate. This second part of the series focuses on the looming threats to the food supply and reasonable avenues for changing the trajectory explained in Class 1. Reforestation has high potential not only because forests sequester carbon in many ways, but also because they use water to cool the planet and produce more plants. Various efforts to diversify, improve, and localize our food supply are surveyed together with opportunities to support them.

Presenter: Bob Randall, PhD. Dr. Randall is a food systems anthropologist and permaculture designer with a five-decade involvement in food systems both as a researcher, educator, and activist. He helped found and direct Urban Harvest for 14 years and is a board officer of both OHBA-Organic Educators and the Permaculture Institute of North America.  His best-selling 2019 book Year-Round Food Gardening for Houston and Southeast Texas explains how to adjust food plant lists and planting schedules to the ever-warming climate. Dr. Randall has been teaching about ways to reverse climate change since 1999.

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** ZOOM LIVE CLASSES - Complimentary- Reserve your ticket  here.