Presentations 2017

Green Gifts - December 06, 2017

Want to give gifts that your friends and family will love while still caring about the environment?  Giving green gifts is about choosing sustainable products and going beyond that.  There are lots of ways to give gifts that can help your friends be more environmentally conscious or that don’t require buying any items at all.  Come by our workshop and listen to people that are in touch with ideas that meet both of the above.

Drawdown: The Top Four - October 26, 2017

What if we told you — Be optimistic about solving Climate Change: Drawdown, edited by visionary Paul Hawken, is the 100 MOST SUBSTANTIVE SOLUTIONS TO REVERSE GLOBAL WARMING, BASED ON METICULOUS RESEARCH BY LEADING SCIENTISTS & POLICYMAKERS AROUND THE WORLD. This foodie event will feature the Top 4 of these solutions featuring local professionals that will speak to the scope of each and how they affect this region, and what you could possibly do to participate.

Green Schools: Higher Performance: August 23, 2017

Creating Culture Change & Saving $: People want to hear how Greener Buildings can save money, which they do.  But the impacts of green buildings can go so much farther when those buildings are schools.   We are creating the culture of the future by training our children to make sustainable choices and live in harmony with the environment.

Sustainability and the Brain - April 26, 2017

This Earth Day: Why is sustainability and green building an easy-sell to some, and resisted by others? A few key books provide a plethora of explanations.

Houston Climate Reality: 2017 - February 22, 2017

Where are we with Climate Change—is Houston threatened? It’s been a decade since An Inconvenient Truth. What is the current truth?


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