Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a list of green home builders in Houston?

There used to be on the Greater Houston Builders Association website.

Is there a list of solar installers in Houston?

Check the Houston Renewable Energy Group website: 

Are there any energy tax incentives for solar power?

Yes, and some places have more incentives than others.  Check out the Tax Incentives Project: 

How do I build a green home or office building?

Build it to use little or no energy, little water, use non-toxic components, create little or no waste building it, build it so it can be used indefinitely and for different uses in the future, and make it as small as you can.  The US Green Building Council has a rating system for Green buildings called LEED:  see www.usgbc.org.

How do I start a recycling program at my job?

Step one:  find out how many people there want to recycle.  If it is more than half, and the CEO is one of them, you have a good chance for success.  Check out the City’s Department of Solid Waste “How to Start a Commercial Recycling Program” for more ideas:

I keep seeing, "it's easy being green", is it?

Green is a spectrum, so there are some easy Green practices. The media would have you think it is all easy. Green is easy to talk about. If it was really easy, we would already be doing it, right? Recycling is Green, and I think it is really easy. Look around; how much of that is really going on?

What is Greenwash?

According to dictionary.com greenwash is the dissemination of misleading information by an organization to conceal its abuse of the environment in order to present a positive public image.  Now that people vaguely understand what Green is about, companies are going out of their way to appear Green.  Check out the Greenwashing Index: http://www.greenwashingindex.com/

What is Green?

According to dictionary.com the adjective Green describes something that is environmentally sound or beneficial.  (Not bad…..)


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