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Outdoor Plants

Plants are an essential part of our ecosystem.  It is now widely accepted that plants also have the ability to improve outdoor air quality, by removing airborne toxins and releasing oxygen for us to breathe.



Common Benefits

Indoor Plants

Bringing plants indoors allows you to connect with nature and still be indoors.

Americans on average spend 90% of their time indoors. Studies have shown that indoor pollutants can be up to one hundred times higher than pollutants found outdoors (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).Items such as furniture, flooring, paints, adhesives and insulation emit harmful chemicals into the air causing poor Indoor Environmental Quality which is the leading culprit to many diseases. The indoor plants absorb many of these pollutants and in return purify the air.

Importance of Native Plants

Native and adapted plants that are naturally drought-resistant reduce the need for watering.  They have adapted to local conditions over many centuries and can withstand local extremes in temperature, drought and flooding. 

Native landscaping material extends beyond plants.  Using native stone and locally produced, mined and milled products have the benefits of fitting into the regional context, being less expensive, readily available and consuming less transportation.

Stormwater Management

Fresh water is a precious resource and should be treated as such.  Stormwater management used to dictate getting water off the site as quickly as possible. That has only proven to push the problem downstream and the damages caused are many.   We have over compensated our collective desire to escape getting “stuck in the mud”.

Permeable Pavement

Increasing permeability on paved surfaces allows the ground to absorb rainwater and recharge the water table.  Incorporate segmental pavers, permeable concrete, permeable asphalt, decomposed granite, or gravel to slow rainwater runoff and direct it to planting beds.  Permeable concrete is a relatively new product that uses a large aggregate mix, allowing water to trickle through air pockets within the pavement.  Other permeable pavement systems combine concrete or plastic grids with grass or gravel.  Before installing permeable pavement system, determine the type of soil  Be sure to follow


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