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Wood Building Materials

Wood building components contribute to structural framing, dimensional framing, rough carpentry, flooring, finish carpentry, doors, and millwork. Consider where the wood comes from, how it was harvested, and what it is made of, according to the following descriptions:

Local Houston Area Recycling Centers

For those homes not served by curbside recycling, the city offers alternatives.  The Westpark Consumer Recycling Center at 5900 Westpark is a drive-through facility where citizens can drop off their recyclables. These items are then sold to private companies for recycling, with the revenues from the sale being deposited into the city’s general fund.

Construction and Demolition

Construction and demolition waste accounts for about 40% of all landfill waste in the United Sates. 

Materials and Resources

Building operations and construction consume the largest percentage of the world’s energy and natural resources and contributes to the majority of the waste found in today’s landfills.  For this very reason it is essential that we take into account the impact materials have on our environment.  Green building calls for more attention to the materials and strategies used while constructing, deconstructing, or renovating buildings.


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