Environmental Quality

The culprits to bad indoor environmental quality are flooring, poor cleaning, and poor ventilation.   It is important to perform an evaluation of these building components in addition to other household products such as adhesives, paints, composite wood products and furniture to identify materials that contain high levels of formaldehyde, benzene, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can contribute to poor indoor air quality. 

Reasons for Indoor Air Quality Issues

What are the benefits to having good indoor environmental quality?

  • Improve employee concentration levels.  Case studies show that on average workers productivity increased by 16% and many of these offices spaces when sold have a higher Market value.
  • Reduces respiratory illness.
  • Decreases student absenteeism in school and increase academic performance.

How to fight against poor indoor air quality at home

  • Determine whether your house has proper ventilation.  Signs to look for include moisture condensation on windows and walls, mold, and stuffy air.   Ventilating your home can be as easy as opening windows and doors to let in fresh air, use exhaust and attic fans where appropriate.
  • Use eco-friendly household cleaning products to minimize the amount of harmful toxic fumes and substances.
  • Occasionally replace filters on heating and central cooling systems as instructed by the product manufacturer.
  •  Place air-cleaning plants throughout your home.  NASA scientists have discovered that some plants are capable of removing harmful toxins such as benzene and carbon dioxide from the air and provide essential humidity.
  • No smoking inside the house.  Cigarettes contain thousands of harmful chemicals that are known to cause cancer and other health related illnesses.
  • Use eco-friendly pesticides outside in your lawn or garden to prevent the likelihood of any chemicals tracking their way into your house. 
  • Regularly clean vents.
  • Do not leave your vehicle idling while in the garage.
  • Weatherize your home.