Interestingly, I used to take batteries collected here at our LEED certified Houston Permitting Center (where we recycle all the basics) to Batteries Plus on Richmond until they closed that location.
My first real upcycling project was a wedding clock made out of a license plate in 1984 for a work colleague.
Every now and then, someone else blogs about something you wanted to talk about.  And sometimes, the blogger has MUCH more subject matter expertise about it than you do.
What is zero waste?  An impossibility for the living human.  The short definition: it is the diversion of 90% of waste.  That’s as good as it gets unless you are a fanatic.  Zero is a goal, otherwise it’s 10% waste.
Recycling stories are ubiquitous out there in the world of the internet, and I am starting to notice that some are better than others. And some are worse.