Permeable Pavement

Permeable Pavement Image


Increasing permeability on paved surfaces allows the ground to absorb rainwater and recharge the water table.

Incorporate segmental pavers, permeable concrete, permeable asphalt, or gravel to slow rainwater runoff and direct it to planting beds.  Permeable concrete is a relatively new product that uses a large aggregate mix, allowing water to trickle through air pockets within the pavement.  Other permeable pavement systems combine concrete or plastic grids with grass or gravel.  Before installing permeable pavement system, determine the type of soil  Be sure to follow manufacturers’ guidelines on installation and maintenance. Typically require vacuuming or mowing. beneath the pavement to ensure the ground is capable of absorbing the water.

Large parking lots of solid asphalt or concrete are brutal to humans and other life forms. They retain heat and rapidly shed water and pollutants from the vehicles.  We have become anesthetized to the damage they cause.