GBRC 2023 Webinar Series - Permaculture Explained!

Date and Time
September 27, 2023 - 12PM



Permaculture, a subject taught over many hours, is contained in many books, and examples are worldwide in forests, deserts, cities, farms, and organizations.  Bob Randall, a board member with the Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA) will give a concise presentation to describe what it is. 

Good human design decisions simultaneously enhance nature, regenerate food and fiber-growing landscapes, and create farms, villages, and cities that make future life more enjoyable, less costly, and easier for everyone. Any energy, materials, land, or labor—resources that come from people and the Earth— should get the most long-term benefits possible. Permaculture design principles derive from successful natural systems and enduring human cultures. They have been carefully analyzed, tested, and described. Now practiced in over 100 countries, they aren’t arbitrary; they are universal.

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Event Contact
E-mail Steve Stelzer or 832.394.9050