Over the years the GBRC has held education seminars and has participated in some presentations at other locations in Houston.  And as of 2020, we have held webinars online as a result of Covid-19.  Many of the sessions were recorded, and are available to watch from our archives.  And the archives all have the visual presentations available for viewing.  Our largest attendance was our Earth Day presentation in 2015 regarding Tiny Houses with 250 in the audience.

PACE in Houston: the Sequel

What is PACE again? Property Assessed Clean Energy. Texas PACE enables property owners to finance 100% of their energy saving, water conservation, and distributed generation improvements with little to no capital outlay. PACE enables property owners to lower their operating costs, increase net operating income and the quality of the asset, as utility savings will be

greater than your payments.

Houston Climate Action Plan

Interested in helping the City of Houston with our Climate Action Plan? Stakeholder meetings are an important way for cities to gather and dispense information to the interested public. Climate action plans are complicated and data intensive. This is a great opportunity to learn how they are developed, and what type of data they require. We will want your input, and it will be helpful if you fill out this quick 9-question survey before the event:

Green Roofs, Walls, & Bioswales

Plants can be very beneficial as we all know. Green roofs retain storm water, insulate the roof membrane from heat gain, and protect it from ultraviolet degradation to lengthen its’ useful life.  Not to mention a pleasant view…. Green walls are an emerging industry and can be installed indoors and outside using different technologies.  Bioswales are a pleasant tool of Low Impact Development to retain and remove pollution from storm water that can range in scale  from acreage down to your yard. 

Water Concerns in 2016

Water is becoming more worrisome it seems, both nationally and globally. How do we make it sustainable here in Houston? 

This session features three different viewpoints of the water cycle as it impacts green buildings in the municipal context.