The Sustainability of Coffee?

Date and Time
January 23, 2019 6 PM - 8 PM

Houston Permitting Center 1002 Washington Ave. 77002


What does coffee have to do with green building? Where do we make most of our coffee? Where do we drink most of our coffee? In buildings. Coffee is a $100 Billion industry. 64% of Americans had at least a cup yesterday. We’re starting the year off with a different type of session. David will talk about coffee from the supply side. He’s been on the ground where it is grown. He’ll have some samples for you. He knows coffee. Stephanie will talk about the climate and its impact on coffee and chocolate. Steve will hand out his coffee awareness flyer he develop ed, and talk about how coffee grounds need to get to the soil instead of the landfill.

Event Contact
E-mail Steve Stelzer or 832.394.9050