The Sustainability of Coffee?

What does coffee have to do with green building? Where do we make most of our coffee? Where do we drink most of our coffee? In buildings. Coffee is a $100 Billion industry. 64% of Americans had at least a cup yesterday. We’re starting the year off with a different type of session. David will talk about coffee from the supply side. He’s been on the ground where it is grown. He’ll have some samples for you. He knows coffee. Stephanie will talk about the climate and its impact on coffee and chocolate.

PACE in Houston: the Sequel

What is PACE again? Property Assessed Clean Energy. Texas PACE enables property owners to finance 100% of their energy saving, water conservation, and distributed generation improvements with little to no capital outlay. PACE enables property owners to lower their operating costs, increase net operating income and the quality of the asset, as utility savings will be

greater than your payments.

Houston Climate Action Plan

Interested in helping the City of Houston with our Climate Action Plan? Stakeholder meetings are an important way for cities to gather and dispense information to the interested public. Climate action plans are complicated and data intensive. This is a great opportunity to learn how they are developed, and what type of data they require. We will want your input, and it will be helpful if you fill out this quick 9-question survey before the event: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DW9TR7R

Solar Panel Workshop Houston

What does it take to put solar power at your house? This will be a workshop event for those who want to learn about residential solar installations AND for those who want to jump start a solar installation at their house.

See the following Worksheet and Fact sheets so you can bring information about your house to this workshop to take the first step on your path to bring solar home.

Sustainability and the Brain

This Earth Day: Why is sustainability and green building an easy-sell to some, and resisted by others? A few key books provide a plethora of explanations. Steve Stelzer will present interesting facts and hypotheses from social, cognitive, and political sciences, and climate change works, that will help move the green building agenda forward. Steve began a booklist in 2003 in his quest to understand more about the environment and the perception of it. More and more has been written about the topic, almost to a crescendo; and Steve’s short list can get you up to speed.