Container Buildings in Houston II

Lots of questions these days about reusing shipping containers in buildings.
Shipping containers are cheap and structurally capable. They are not designed to be buildings, so it takes someone knowledgeable with building science to provide the right materials in the right place with the right equipment to make them comfortable, energy efficient, healthy, and durable. 

As a follow up presentation from last year, we have two developers, a designer, and two educators from the Architecture School of the University of Houston. CEU’s available.

Tiny Houses in Houston

I want a tiny house that’s off the grid. What’s out there? Can you make them mobile and then attach them permanently to your lot? 

An Earth Day show and tell with two ACTUAL tiny houses to tour right here outside the GBRC after the talk! Two local builders, Shannon and David will share what they do; Donna share some of the small houses she features in her book; Teresa, a national licensed mortgage banker, share how the appraisal industry looks at green building and tiny houses; and Sheila Blake share tiny houses and the building code. AIA & USGBC CEU’s available.