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Texan Solar Activity in 2018 - August 22, 2018

Solar Installed (MW): 1,973.48           National Ranking: 7th (4th in 2017)
State Homes Powered by Solar: 225,726
Percentage of State's Electricity from Solar: 0.69%
Solar Jobs: 8,873                               Solar Manufacturers: 106
Solar Installers: 245                           Total Solar Investment in State $3,223.34 million
Prices have fallen 53% in five years  Growth Projection: 6,409 MW next 5 yrs/ranks 3rd
Number Of Installations in Texas: 38,220 (Charlie Hemmeline will discuss this data)

Zero Waste - Really? - April 25, 2018

A current buzzword, what does zero waste mean—is it really zero?  Spoiler alert: no, it’s a goal (and more reasonable than you would think), however some companies and individuals are very, very close.

Green Materials: How Do You Know What’s Good? - March 28, 2018

Materials really do matter to the health of occupants and the environment, but the ingredients are not easy to discern.  To perform, material composition involve tradeoffs with how sustainable, floodproof, or healthy these ingredients are.  With tens of thousands of unregulated chemicals in building products, how many are toxic?  How does one predict reliability and longevity of a product, especially in the post-Harvey reality?  How much data is available regarding life-cycle assessments and embodied energy, and the manufacturing process regarding byproducts, pollution, and transpo

PACE: Liftoff in Houston - February 28, 2018

While PACE is not yet an everyday term, it is gaining traction in Houston. What is it? Property Assessed Clean Energy. Texas PACE enables property owners to finance 100% of their energy saving, water conservation, and distributed generation improvements with little to no capital outlay.


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