Sustainability and the Brain

January 23, 2019

This Earth Day: Why is sustainability and green building an easy-sell to some, and resisted by others? A few key books provide a plethora of explanations. Steve Stelzer will present interesting facts and hypotheses from social, cognitive, and political sciences, and climate change works, that will help move the green building agenda forward. Steve began a booklist in 2003 in his quest to understand more about the environment and the perception of it. More and more has been written about the topic, almost to a crescendo; and Steve’s short list can get you up to speed.

Fresh from his presentation at Gulf Coast Green in March, which was completely re-engineered from the ground up, and very well received, this will answer a few of the nagging questions we all have and guide you to more in-depth exploration. Each attendee will receive an updated booklist, which features a host of books that will make this discussion different. AIA & USGBC CEU’s available.