Hempcrete: Pathway to Production

Date and Time
August 24, 2022 - 12PM



Hemp is a rapidly renewable agricultural source of fiber for the building and fabric industries that is drought and pest resistant, giving it an excellent carbon footprint. It is new to the domestic market and worth learning more about it. Speaker Sondra Huddleston of Green Growers of TX will provide background on hemp and its multiple uses, Ray Kaderli of the Hemp Build Network will talk about his hemp structure in San Antonio, and Adrian Zelski of The C Standard will discuss standards and certification processes for hemp developed with Peterson Control Union to ultimately allow for jurisdictional building code approval. 

Speakers: Sondra Huddleston, Ray Kaderli, Adrian Zelski 

Sondra Huddleton
Sondra Huddleston
Ray Kaderli
Ray Kaderli
Adrian Zelski
Adrian Zelski


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E-mail Steve Stelzer or 832.394.9050