Reading Towards Sustainability II

December 20, 2012

Reading, besides being a wonderful use of the mind, can help gather momentum on your chosen path. Last year the Program Director featured a slide presentation of many quotes from a plethora of interesting books based upon his “The Blind Men and the Elephant” book list that he started handing out in 2003.

Steve will present an update of converging ideas and contrasts from a cross section of the books to give the audience an idea of the community effect of authors concerned about the state of the human race and what we need to do to keep it on track with the planet.

Each attendee will receive an updated booklist, which features a host of books that will make this discussion different and even more engaging for the audience than last year....

Enjoy this seminar on the last day of the 12th baktun of the Mayan Long Count calendar. Perhaps some of these titles might spark the perfect gift, “presents of mind,” for someone you know this holiday.