Water Efficiency

Water is a key component responsible for existence of life on earth.  Water makes up approximately two-thirds of the earth’s surface.  There is a scarcity in the world’s supply of fresh water.  This epidemic is caused by growth in the world’s population, increasing industrial industry, poor and inefficient water resource management, and people simply wasting water for numerous reasons.

Did you know that the average American household uses approximately 146,000 gallons of water per year, 50% of water going towards landscaping during the hot and summer months? 

Landscaping Water Usage Calculations:

  • Sprinklers:4 sprinklers for 3 hours—12 hours X 480 gallons/hr = 5,760 gallons
  • Hoses: 1 hour X 480 gallons/hour = 480 gallons

Water Efficiency

Cistern Image
Choose a collection tank that is suitable for your rainwater harvesting system
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Try an easy retrofit at home by installing an aerator on your existing sink faucet
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