Earth Day and Recycling (ONLINE THIS TIME)

April 22, 2020

The 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, and we are talking about recycling?  Surely we are in dire need of more significant change than just recycling on this planet.  Correct.  And we are not going to dwell on dire change or saving the world today.  We want to dwell on something we all know about and can influence on a daily basis.  Feel free to take on something impossible the day after.  Oh, and you can do this sheltering in place. 

Recycling is not going well. 87% of people surveyed recently feel recycling is important. 81% want to create less waste. 73% feel they lack clarity on what is recyclable. Clive will talk about the electronics end-of-life story, Keith will talk about construction & demolition waste, and Steve will bring in some current events. 

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