Over the years the GBRC has held education seminars and has participated in some presentations at other locations in Houston. And as of 2020, we have held webinars online as a result of Covid-19. Many of the sessions were recorded, and are available to watch from our archives. And the archives all have the visual presentations available for viewing. Our largest attendance was our Earth Day presentation in 2015 regarding Tiny Houses with 250 in the audience.


"By taking a “street-wise” common-sense approach to high performance design strategies and comparing them to the expensive and maintenance intensive "green gizmos" approach being promoted by most, Architect Peter Pfeiffer will present to and help the participant critically determine what works - what is effective and long lasting - and what may simply be 'hype' of the latest 'fad' product or method."           

This is a webinar on Startmeeting.com, with 1 CEU available.